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The Community Package

The community package is designed to deliver a high level of functional training from a health care professional and to build community by reaching our goals together. Read the description of this program below to learn more. If you have any further questions please email us at

Hip Hinge Single Leg
Warm Up
Med Ball Slams
Lunge Progression
Assisted Pull Ups
Step Ups
Turkish Get Ups
Coach Amanda Teaching
TRX Pull Ups
Sled Push
Turkish Get Up
Upper Extremity Pull
Med Ball Partner Throw

The cost for each session will be split up amongst the number of group members that attend. After 4 people everyone will be capped at $50. 


The first session will cost $300 and entails a movement screen (8 movements), Functional Movement Skills Assessment, and a Power Assessment that will give us the information we need to design and prescribe your group's program. The first session will also entail an intro workout session for the remainder of the time. The session will be for 1 hour. 

FMS 1.jpeg
FMS 2.jpeg

Each workout session will cost $125 for 1 on 1 training, $70 each person for 2 people, or $50 for each person with a group of 3 or more which includes a custom workout plan designed to improve your movement to make you stronger for longevity. These sessions are designed to help you move better, build muscle intelligently, and have a community. 

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