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Our Services

All services are provided by Jeremy Alvarez DAT, ATC. who is a Certified Athletic Trainer recognized nationally by the Board of Certification (BOC) as an allied healthcare professional. Services are provided at The Base, Santa Barbara's premier boutique fitness facility.  

Physical Therapy Rehab visits are the follow up visits after receiving a Physical Therapy Evaluation. 

These visits consist of pain management, mobility and stability exercises, posture correction, and application to daily living activities.  

After your movement evaluation we can create a functional training program that focuses on addressing your weaknesses (asymmetries, range of motion, or stability). 

This training is goal oriented! Bring your current workout program if you want, so that we can modify it for you to get the most out of it. 

Sports event coverage consists of immediate and emergency care for individuals participating in the event.

The participants can be adults or youth. The events are not limited to only "sports" but can also be other active events such as festivals, theatre, and other fundraising events. 

A brief movement evaluation will be conducted in the beginning of the session to assess what modifications need to be added to the rehab plan. 


The remainder of the time will be spent actively promoting healing, improving quality of movement, and enforcing movement patterns with functional strength training. 


Each program is custom-crafted to each individual's needs and will be constructed on evidence-based practice. 

Physical Therapy evaluation will be conducted by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is trained to evaluate and create a rehabilitation plan based off the findings from the evaluation. 

Recovery Sessions are 45--minute in person appointments that consist of Normatec Recovery Kit, Active Movement Recovery, Red Light Therapy, Massage Gun, and Kinesio Tape, evidence-based active movements, light stretching, various forms of manual therapy focused on areas of the body that need it the most. Click on the link to book your appointment!

Telemedicine visits are offered for an initial evaluation or follow up appointments. This is a good option for those who are unable to meet in person. 


The visit will consist of a consult for your injury, assist you in deciding your next steps, and plan a course of action to meet your goals. 

Click on the link named "Choose A Plan" to learn more about our our options for your initial evaluation! Each option will be a patient centered approach to injury evaluation that will begin with a discussion about your injury and/or goals to guide the physical assessment. 


A customized movement prescription plan will be prescribed to you based on your goals and the results of the initial evaluation. The exercise prescription will be focused on a sustainable plan to return you to work, life, or sport.


The program will consist of in-person sessions and detailed instructions on how to maintain success at home.  

What Our Clients Say

Bay Sports Medicine Patient Testimonial

Juan Garcia, M.A., Master Resilience Trainer - Performance Expert

Jeremy Alvarez’s selflessness allows him to focus on the betterment of the individuals that he works with and puts their wants and needs first. There is no better individual to work alongside than someone that cares and is passionate about the longevity of one’s health. Since I’ve met and worked with Mr. Alvarez, his passion and drive to enhance the wellbeing of others has always been a selfless act of serving his community.  

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